Bigger On The Inside

by Scott Paris

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This album was done in my home in a very short amount of time. I'd written and even demoed a lot of these tunes in other sessions. "Throwing Roses," for instance was written during the Pirate Signals era, it just didn't fit that album. I loved all these tunes, and after a few arrangement tweaks they all seemed to fit together as a whole. The two-tracks-in-one idea was not only a play on the album title (each track being "bigger on the inside"), but a nod to the old 8-track tape format.


released January 1, 2012

All songs written and performed by Scott Paris
*except Jason Feathers - Keys, Organ, drums on "Release The Hounds"
Artwork by Chris Bentley
Recorded and mastered at home, late 2011



all rights reserved


Scott Paris Canton, Ohio

Scott Paris has been releasing independent music and touring for over a decade. Based out of Ohio, he and his group of assorted vagabonds travel relentlessly - bringing dancable, singable, get drunkable goodness wherever they go.

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Track Name: Blood & Wine / Release The Hounds
Blood & Wine: We say nothing of importance and the world spins 'round. I don't see it, what they see in you, hope that changes soon. Cause, it's hard to tell which part of you isn't for sale. Won't we wither on the vine? Aren't we bound by time? You want the juice, remove the rind. This much is true of blood and wine. Way too easy, you have found me, guess I don't hide too well. I don't see it, what you see in me, guess that time will tell. I know that time moves so slow. I can't seem to choose between the lies and the truth, apparently neither can you, but I alone am fine...

Release The Hounds: Confess love, tell me all your fears. I want to know. Just stay calm, are you commandeered? I want to know, all the ways you can fall from here. Karma burns, ringing in your ears, and you oughta know they've released the hounds. Will they follow you here on scent alone? All the ways you could disappear.
Track Name: Bigger On The Inside / Petrichor
Bigger On The Inside: It could be a trap. Is it me, or does this just not add up? Will you fill in the gaps if I promise not to interrupt? All this time I swear that you have made a point to beat me to the punch. As long as you hold your ground, I won't make a sound. I'm bigger on the inside without you around. At least, that's what I tell myself for now. This could be a mess if you get your way and don't let up. Will you give it a rest, before I spontaneously combust? All this time I swear that you have made a point to wait till my guard was down.

Petrichor: I can't believe the shit that you make up. I could forgive you once, but it's enough to fill my cup. Who's gonna say it if I don't? Out there is somebody on their own. Out there is someone who thinks the world of you, who's gonna save you when I don't. You've been saving up all of this to use as an exploding device to execute a perfect escape plan. All this time you've felt like someone else. All the times you put you on the shelf. Who's gonna stop it if you don't? Out there is a dream you used to own. One that you were scared to ever let go of, for fear that it wouldn't come back home.
Track Name: Whatever You Say / Leave Me Out
Whatever You Say: I've paid the highest price, for the very worst advice. I've blown every disguise, alias, and alibi. So whatever you say is the opposite of what I'm doing, whatever you say is the only thing I fear now. I'm on a "wanted" sign. Says "need not be alive." I travel only at night, visas all get denied.

Leave Me Out: I've got you figured out. Keep breathing out all the air, all the sky, takes you half a year to move half a mile. That having been said, you repeat what you've been fed by the things under your bed, instead. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of your life, go ahead and leave me out. Whatever you think about, regarding you and I, spit it out. He won't ever call. He's got better things to do, walk a plank, tie a rope, rob a bank, burn down your home. The riot act has been read, the prayers have been said. They left you for dead, and fled.
Track Name: Throwing Roses / Laureate Of An Awful Honor
Throwing Roses: You're on the move, with a lot to prove. You keep a steady hand, as you make demands. You gave the performance of a life time, now everyone's throwing roses. Your instincts are keen, when you make a scene. Your favorite role, gets a standing O. I smile and nod as you go on and on...

Laureate Of An Awful Honor: I can feel it tonight, the sting of the lie. I can't keep it inside, you know that I tried. It's no longer the time, but this used to be the place. You know you can't beat them all, but I feel the need to stand before I crawl. To your needs, I can't cater as the laureate of an awful honor. I can feel it tonight, the weight of the world. I've got my heart on my sleeve, and my head in a whirl. Everyone here's insane. It must be in the water...
Track Name: Comes Back To Haunt Me / Sleep Well
Comes Back To Haunt Me: I feel I take up too much space. Feel like a mouse in the rat race. Like the jigsaw had a dirty blade, now all the pieces are out of place. Oh, I said I don't mind, it comes back to haunt me cause I know what you'd say, "it's well worth the wait." Drank the poison in the honey's place. Meant to hit "eject" instead of "erase." Drew 9's and 10's, instead of the Ace. Made every joke in poor taste. Hands-on is no way to learn if you're not prepared to feel the burn, but if you are then it's your turn.