Functional (Deluxe Version)

by Scott Paris



Completely remixed and remastered!! Sounds clearer and fuller than original release version, AND has a bonus track.


released January 28, 2015

All songs by Scott Paris, except "I'll Wait Here" by Tim Benner & SP..

Scott Paris - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jason Feathers - Keys and Organs
Tim Benner - Bass, Guitar, Bongos, Drums
Sean Paris - Guitar
Charles Oliver - Vocals
Ryan Baker - Bass
Joseph Middleton - Drums
Daniel Monea - Piano
Nathaniel Monea - Percussion and Vocal
Adam Orin - Bass
Peter DiStefano - Guitar
Roger Steen - Guitar
Your Mother - Violin
Rik Cunningham - Horns
Jon Risher - Guitar

Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by SP
Album cover by Eric (SHROOMS) Treisch
All Rights Reserved
2015 Still Not Impressed



all rights reserved


Scott Paris Canton, Ohio

Scott Paris has been releasing independent music and touring for over a decade. Based out of Ohio, he and his group of assorted vagabonds travel relentlessly - bringing dancable, singable, get drunkable goodness wherever they go.

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Track Name: Functional
I’ve been here for days, waiting for something to change. And I’ve been in a daze, waiting on sunshine in rain just to say that tonight I want to be less than a step above functional. Tonight I want to be anything other than cynical… but I don’t know. Maybe I’m amazed, like Sir McCartney would say. Or, Oh ain’t it a shame about everyone except Ray... but even he could say “tonight I want to be less than a thread above imbecile, tonight I want to be a sentence away from criminal.”
Track Name: Somehow
Come back, retort. File your report, or just abort – or something… Cause all that you know is that you don’t have much to show, now do you? But, I’ve been waiting for you somehow, though my words will never allow you to fully understand how much is riding on this hand... or how I could give a damn. Go up, come down. Come back around, or break the speed of sound and somehow still get nowhere. Pull from thin air, souvenirs to show you were there... but aren’t now.
Track Name: Falling Down (featuring Roger Steen)
I woke up in the middle of your garden wearing nothing but my shadow and your pardon, holding on to a rose that you planted long ago... When you finally came to the conclusion that this love is merely an illusion, and the reveal will come along faster than you know. You’ve been screaming, I’ve been bleeding out – holding on to what you’re throwing out. So, call it a day if you’re ready to retire, call the brigade if you feel like you’re on fire – I was always told to Stop – Rock – and Roll… Cause I fell down in the middle of the concrete, with the stakes as high as your heartbeat – like there’s a gun that you would jump just to sell everything I own. Who is falling, when you’re so low down? Alone in the woods, would you make a sound?
Track Name: That Need
Throw it out, or keep it in – it’s not exactly where you would begin if the choice were up to you. It’s not exactly what you’d choose to do… So you lie and say that it’s all ok, and you’ll try to stay ‘til that need’s been replaced. Keep it off the radar, ‘til you know whether it leaves a scar – and if the trail leads back to you… and what that means for the people who knew.
Track Name: Rose
It’s not the fault of all this wine, it’s not the fault of cheap design – that emerald eyes are all that stir my soul. I never wanted to break my way into your heart. I only wanted to feel there was some place to start, and I’m trying to feed this rose that will die if the slightest degree of sunshine in the sky isn’t right. I will take what you decide as the truth. I will abide by every law you put in place, in stone. I never wanted you to be left all alone. I never wanted you to choose this OR your home, I know it was wrong. It feels just like you’re on my side, tell me I’m right – if you’d be so kind.
Track Name: Get The Lifeboat (featuring Peter DiStefano)
We don’t need light, we just need a lifeboat. I can’t see, but I’m going in. Way down, I can’t stay afloat and I’m caught in your whirlwind... and I can’t swim – and I won’t win. Trapped in by life in a small town - at some point you just run away. Way down, like “how did I get here?” and “how long can you stay?” Will you run again? Will you need a friend?
Track Name: Why Would I Stay?
Now you’re lying awake in the dark, and you’re waiting for some kinda spark - instead of a cheap remark. And, you lie with your head on the phone, cause you’re waiting for someone to call - but you receive nothing at all. If I didn’t adore you, why would I stay? If I didn’t bore you, would you always run away? Now you run and tell all of your friends… And you give them your best performance in a story of how it all ends. And, it takes up most of your time, coming up with your opening line – just in case he hits you blind. If I didn’t adore you, why would I stay? If I didn’t ignore you, would it all be ok?
Track Name: Hearteater
Should I be impressed with how well you make a mess? This is not real… I’m trying to feel the way that you say you do. For every heart that you eat, is your heart more complete? This is not fair… I shouldn’t care as much as I seem to.
Track Name: Delaware (featuring Hey Monea!)
I did the same thing that you did – I went out and I got too high tonight. I’ll take the blame if the shoe fits, and I’ll leave in the morning in my new disguise. And, I’ll be stumbling down Delaware on a Sunday night. I’ll start at the Boat while I can float, and everything’s alright. But, if I’m stumbling down Delaware by Tuesday night - I said as a joke, but I can’t go “til the morning light.” I got caught in a bar crawl. I ran my mouth AND my wallet dry… So, I’ll meet you down at the “last call.” And, in the morning I will say goodbye. He knows as well that I’ve stayed too long, and if you can’t tell… I might as well pay the bill and then go to hell – or start stumbling down Delaware…
Track Name: I'll Wait Here
We’ve been at it for a long time… been convicted of crimes, or something along those lines. But, there’s further we could go – somewhere no one knows… wherever the winds will blow. I see our ship is coming in, and I’ll wait here for you with a ticket. I don’t know how this will end, but I know how it begins if you let it. I know it might take a long time to admit you and I probably shouldn’t try, but there’s further we could go – past the desert and the snow… to wherever time moves slow
Track Name: I Have No Sentiment (2015 Version)
I noticed you like to tell me what to do, and everyone has the BEST plan.. They all know what my next move should be. But, it's still MY turn. I will get burned, but when will you learn that I have no sentiment? We could sleep in turns, if you're really that concerned that everyone's out to get you - and they know exactly how to, too...
I know there's a failure waiting. The good advice don't come free. There is no time for more hesitating. I'm going on with no helmet on, and though my heart may fall apart...