Scott Paris / Via The Sun - Versions

by Scott Paris



A collaborative effort between heavy rock band Via The Sun and Indie solo act Scott Paris. "Versions" is just that, variations of Via The Sun tracks with re-imagined lyrics and vocals by Paris..


released April 28, 2015

Music by Via The Sun
Lyrics by Scott Paris



all rights reserved


Scott Paris Canton, Ohio

Scott Paris has been releasing independent music and touring for over a decade. Based out of Ohio, he and his group of assorted vagabonds travel relentlessly - bringing dancable, singable, get drunkable goodness wherever they go.

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Track Name: How To Speak And Say Nothing
Once upon a time there was something to see in this town. But, I got too big for my britches in a village of witches. I could take a dive in the human race, or pack all of my shit into one suitcase and keep it between the ditches on my way to fame and riches. Full speed ahead. Didn’t you learn while running with scissors, cold water on the burn just makes it blister. I know that I’ll never know as many things as you’ve forgotten, but if I had a dime for every time you crossed the line – I’d still be annoyed, but gainfully employed… and worse for the wear. Didn’t you learn while burning your bridges, some day you will return and may need stitches. Didn’t you learn something, I’ll teach you how to speak and say nothing. Insane, I know, we’ve got to go…
Track Name: Warpath
Almost every night, crying on the bathroom floor, with that look in your eye and locks on every door… You know what it’s like, you swear it never happened before. You drop the needle down and still hear the same record playing. You’ve been on a warpath lately. You come at me sideways sometimes. I put up the best defense I can, but it never seems to end. Holding on the line, waiting for you to pick up... I’m driving the Econoline as the getaway for your stick up. You know every time I’m leaving and fed up - it’s the scene of a crime, and I can’t get the blood off my hands. (You are mine)
Track Name: More For You
Oh what a headache, love. Did he always put you in your place with all your friends around? Did you ever want to leave this place? You know damn well there’s more for you out in that world. A rise and fall, and big mistakes, and a chance to belong. Oh what an eye-sore, love. Did he ever tell you you’re no good with all your family around? Did it ever feel like you hoped it would? And I know there’s more, there’s always more to the story... more than you bargained for... and it always ends in misery.
Track Name: Save Your Breath
You’ve got a laundry list of names of all the people you’d like to hurt. They are the ones who deserve the same as you got, or maybe worse. Will you sink low, like those you loathe? Save your breath, you may need it back when you least expect. I regret that from time to time I still laugh about it. You got the armor on your chest, so they can’t touch you again. They’re gonna see you at your best, then they’ll never see again… Can you make ‘em pay, and still walk away? It’s a strange disease – revenge and greed. It’s bitten me too before, for sure.
Track Name: Step Right Up
In a corner store you see yourself, the shelf says “everything must go!” In a way you’re on display, and you don’t feel the need to give a discount. You hit hard like car crash, then walk away like you never felt a thing. It’s like you think you’re taking out the trash… In a way I guess you are, and I’m it. Step right up, your life’s like a game. One life left, one foot in the grave. Once bitten, and two times as shy. Third time’s a charm, two wrongs is a right. Do I want it? Quit it. Hey, I need it. Leave it! All the time you waste, the bitter taste that you can’t get off your tongue. And you mistake the love for hate, and these words for concern. Your mind is like an overpriced sideshow under carnival lights. Step right up, we’re one and the same. Two drinks in, three players remain. Place your bets, four sides to the dice but anyway you throw you’ll always roll snake eyes. Five more times I’ve left you this way. Six more things you’ll never get to say. Seven more pills make it all go away, but heaven only knows how many you eight… Seasons come and go. Your heart is *10 below, and falling faster than you can understand. Hold on, we’re going down… But no one will hear the sound.
Track Name: Come Back Soon
Sometimes I think it’s too late to bother with damage control. Am I just assuming? Cause you know what that would make us both. It’s never as simple as the “good” and “bad” guys. He’s not that super, but he wears a disguise. And, I’m not saying that you’re on the wrong side – but you always take a left when you should’ve took a right. As you stare off into space, I know where your heart is – but where your head is, I’ve never had the liberty to say… I just hope you pull back soon. Sometimes I get so irate by the very stupid things you say. If you could hear yourself, even YOU might feel betrayed. Truthfully, I don’t have as much invested. We were in development, but got arrested. You were just a girl that was interrupted, and I was just a guy in over his head. This place is always the same. It may be where your home is, but you’re alone in every possible way. I just hope you come back soon.
Track Name: All Or Nothing
Keep it up. Keep the mask on. You break whatever you get your hands on. You’re known for bad decisions, crooked smiles, and double vision. Mix it up. Keep ‘em guessing how much to get you undressing. You start lies like a work of fiction, but by the end it’s a true religion. It’s all or nothing sometimes, and it’s in your hands. It’s do or die, and if you don’t mind – I’d just as soon quit. Turn it on, with the lights out. You find love in the form of a handout. Frankenstein never saw you coming when he got the project up and running. In your defense, no objections, every governor lies to win the election. And, just like a politician – you evade all your convictions. You could be a deity, patron saint of misery, archetype of tyranny, cynic mercenary. You could have a following right off the edge, like lemmings. See it, be it, dream it.
Track Name: The Business Of Digging Early Graves
Tonight I raise a toast to the dirtiest approach that you always seem to take, just like a cockroach. You know it isn’t fair, but you still pretend to care. Do you feel you’re losing friends? Does it seem likes it’s a trend? How long should I wait to rub it in your face, when you don’t have much to save? I know, you’re fighting like a brave. Digging early graves is your newest business, and business is good. Well, I’d venture to guess you have ways to clean the mess. And, the skeletons you hide are just barely on your side. And, you think that every role is under your control – every friend and every foe, every ebb and every flow, every summer, every snow, so…
Track Name: Weather Balloon
I found you all alone and half asleep, in your room, with the lights low and the shades down. You change with the weather, and the black clouds form. It’s not a change for the better, the worst is yet to come. Suddenly, you feel you’re not who you’re supposed to be. Every mask only hides another one, everyone can see. You follow to the letter, all the same mistakes. “Use her once and forget her,” that is the mantra they say. In the dead of night, as black as your eyes. You cannot miss it… This is the time when the nightmares come, but I’m not listening.
Track Name: Control Freak
Doesn’t it make sense, it’s just your style, you’ve been given an inch but you’re taking a mile. After all this time, I should be used to the things you do. So why is it me, so surprised? It feels like everyone I know knows something I don’t. I’ve never NOT been in complete control, or a similar role. I’m in a stolen car and I’m headed west – says the OnStar, dressed in my Sunday’s best… with a great big list of things I wanna do when I see you. I hold my breath and I hope for the best, blowing through red lights and avoiding arrest. I got no time for you, boys in blue. So, why is it me committing the crimes to change your mind?
Track Name: Monster
I, I get so carried away… Sometimes my desire sets me on fire… Hey! There’s so much that I wanna say. I’ll write it down and throw it away. You are only here cause you have never been “all there” anyway. But, I imagine you in such a way – hanging onto every word I say, grinning and only breathing-in when I give the OK. Sometimes I pretend in my mind that you are my prisoner, and you really don’t mind at all that I’m a monster. So… how do you like your gilded cage? Does it seem you’re constantly on display? You hope for the best, but you are settling for less every day. You are truly better off this way, us never having met face to face. We can’t be on the “outs” if we were never on the “ins” anyway… Wish upon a star to get away, somewhere far… Cause I get so carried away, sometimes my desire sets me on fire. You are like a drug to me, and if I get any higher I will expire.